Tools and resources to take you to the next level.


Find The Right Resources

Planning your business model and foundations early on might also mean investing in the right tools for your business.

If you’re new to business and tech, remember that you can learn anything you need to know. 

Note: These resources have helped me over the years, as well as additional resources I’ve personally vetted and recommend. 

May this resource guide support you in your business journey.

Getting Started

If you have never heard of the Business Model Canvas, here are some resources for you to check out to help you get started.

Graphics and Design

Business Email and Team Collaboration Apps

  • Google Workspace – Business Apps and Collaboration Tools
  • Zoho – Cloud Software Suite and Saas Applications
  • Slack – Messaging App for Businesses

Both Google and Zoho offers email for businesses. If you are looking for a FREE option, Zoho provides that up to 5 users before it starts charging.

Slack is a messaging tool for businesses. If you already have either Google or Zoho, you might not need this as Google has Google Chat and Zoho has Zoho Cliq.

Start Growing Your Business

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