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Find The Right Resources

Investing in the right tools early on can set your business up for long-term success.

If you’re new to the world of business and technology, remember that you have the ability to learn anything you need to know.

These resources have been personally vetted and recommended by our team.

We hope they will be a helpful guide on your business journey.

Getting Started

If you have never heard of the Business Model Canvas, here are some resources for you to check out to help you get started.

The Hustler’s Marketing Strategy Workbook contains everything you need to start creating and executing a marketing strategy for your business.

Learn how to build a strategy that’s perfect for your business and your audience. It’s time to get your marketing game on point and your marketing strategy is the place to start.

Website Resources

Web hosting is a broad term that refers to the storage and access of a website on a server, while WordPress hosting is a specialized type of web hosting designed specifically for WordPress websites.

If you are building an e-Commerce, my recommendation is to use Shopify.

Graphics and Design

Business Email and Team Collaboration Apps

  • Google Workspace – Business Apps and Collaboration Tools
  • Zoho – Cloud Software Suite and Saas Applications
  • Slack – Messaging App for Businesses

If you are in need of email services for your business, both Google and Zoho offer reliable options. Zoho is a cost-effective (FREE!) solution for small businesses with up to 5 users, while Google is better suited for larger teams.

Slack is a messaging platform for businesses with features like team collaboration and integrations. If your organization already uses Google or Zoho, you may have access to messaging tools like Google Chat and Zoho Cliq. Consider if these tools meet your needs before adopting Slack.

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