Business Model Canvas and its Benefits

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Business Model Canvas can help you with your business. When starting up a business, the business model you choose will play a crucial role in your business success.

Traditionally, most people would tell you to design a business plan and you will be good to go. Today, there’s much more than just a business plan with objectives, market research and financial goals.

Creating a business plan is a tiresome task that consumes so much of your time.

By the time most people are done with their business plan, it is already too late as the market has changed. When that happens, they have to make a few changes to achieve their goal. However, these types of mistakes can be avoided.

The Business Model Canvas (or BMC) has evolved to be a valuable tool to startup and existing businesses. BMC creates an overview of what the company is, its offers, infrastructure, market and finances. It’s more flexible, and its development is fast and can easily be incorporated into any real business.

Business Model Canvas also comes with several advantages in the entrepreneurship industry, therefore, helping investors in the company’s successful growth.


The business model canvas is a simple model comprised of nine elements that can make a business successful. The BMC constantly reflects on the business model. Because of this, you get to focus on each component independently.

The following is a list that helps you brainstorm and analyse options to help you develop a business model canvas.

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  • Value propositions
  • Customer segments
  • Key activities
  • Key resources
  • Channels
  • Customer relationships
  • Key partners
  • Cost structure
  • Revenue streams

These elements explain the crucial characters of your business story. All the nine features work together to help generate profit for the business.

The model can also act as an advertisement tool to attract investors or other business founders for your business. Below are some benefits of the business model canvas.


We can’t deny the simplicity the model comes with designing your business. Your business’s basics are highlighted in the spreadsheet and therefore making it clear to anyone who comes across it. Creating the model is a simple one although the information compiling part can be a bit overwhelming.


The canvas shows how well you can relate with your customers and can expose your weaknesses. One can clearly understand how all the aspects are related to each other and also get how the functions, processes, and activities interconnect.

Here, you’ll get to think about your business more formally and systematically ensuring each area is covered effectively. The nine elements cover the company’s most crucial aspects, allowing the business’s strengths and weaknesses to be easily noticed. Focusing, on the whole, ensures a successful growth of the business.


The business model canvas covers the value proposition as a central pillar. The business’s reason for how they function revolves around the value of a proposition that the business model canvass considers.

In this section, you will figure how your customer needs are satisfied with how their problems are solved. Great business ventures start with the customers and work backward with the rest of the business elements.


Teamwork is now more accessible as the language used is the same for everyone. Members get to understand each other better. Hence, each member tends to believe and take the same direction.

The use of the same definitions for references provides transparent communication between the members. A common language is a key to a successful business.

Business models canvas, however, is not a tool that you will use once and forget. For your business to be successful, you will need to review it regularly from time to time. Use it to track changes in your business blocks and create meetings to help members brainstorm on their improvement. Business model canvas can help you understand your customers and increase your relationship status with them.


You don’t always have to prepare a more tiresome business plan but you can opt to use a business model canvas.

Business model canvas comes with many advantages and is a great tool to use with all stakeholders via a common language. You will, however, need to draw meaningful responses and draw out essential elements for a BMC to work correctly.

With BMC, the goal of making your business and its future a success is even clearer.

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